One of the most acclaimed car designers in the world, Walter de’Silva was offered the opportunity to customize his own Leica M9 camera for limited edition production. De’Silva is credited with reviving the once fading but glorious Alfa Romeo badge in Europe in the 90s, then sexying up Seat before becoming head designer at Audi, where he spearheaded Audi’s fleet-wide aesthetic revolution — most famously implementing the Four Ring’s signature single, bold front grill and penning arguably the most beautiful coupe in recent memory, the A5 (which he also says is his favorite design of all time). So naturally the Italian’s work with Leica would be not only elegant and restrained, but would also use the finest materials available. Taking Leica’s standard M9 camera, de’Silva re-crafted it completely in titanium, while detailing the camera in fine Nappa leather, diamond-texture grip, a sapphire crystal screen and shoulder harness. The camera’s exclusivity will be defined not only by its limited 500 production run, but also by its very steep $26,500 pricetag.

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