18 Oct
Russian police officer jumps in stranger's car to save his own life

Is this the kind of shit you have to deal with if you live in Russia? Seriously? Wild packs of feral wolves storming the highway? Didn’t they get enough karmic shit from Chernobyl and Putin, do we really need to add rabid packs of wolves to their daily struggles? I’m not entirely sure if this video is real, could turn out to be a viral ad for Wolf-B-Gone anti-wolf spray, but needless to say it is worth watching. A Russian policeman pulls over a vehicle for what to appears to be a broken headlight, and while conversing with the citizen a pack of wolves, literally completely out of the dark, come running down the highway towards the two of them. In a panic the officer jumps into the complete stranger’s car for safety. Whether the footage is real or acted out, we’ll let you be the judge of that, but I’m thinking the cop better have let the dude off with a warning.

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