11 Nov
Security Wizard's Nylon Cord Wrapped Brass Knuckle Buckle

Imagine yourself walking down a dark alley, late at night. Suddenly, some menacing hoodied figure approaches asking you for some nylon cording cause his shoelace broke. You’d be helpless — no nylon cord to offer him ad hoc shoelaces, and no weapon to defend yourself if he was up to any funny business. Security Wizard has solved this enormous problem with their affordable belt buckle…which also happens to double as brass knuckles. With black finished stainless steel and plenty of nylon cord wrapped to help the potentially shoelace-less (and for better fit and comfort if you really need to start swinging), the Brass Knuckle Buckle would save the day. Plus, it could also inflict some serious pain on anyone who’d think about messing with you…but I’m sure that’s not the point. Available in two colors, these knuckles can be yours for only $13 or two for $25.

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