Something so simple can bring so much pleasure to an artist…or in this case, even an Accounts Receivables cubicle monkey with odd packaging needs. The Or-Ita is a new tool created by Makoto Orisaki ,a Japanese “inter design artist”. But what does this Or-Ita tool do? Well it simply perforates cardboard. And what’s the point? Because it allows cardboard — one of the most ubiquitous and cheapest materials around — to be easily folded, sculpted and manipulated into different shapes and designs. Simple, yet brilliant. In order to celebrate such an incredibly simple tool, Orisaki organized a gallery for the big debut of the Or-Ita. The art show consisted of six designers who used this brand new device to create clever and original works of art — showing off the many uses you can get out of the Or-Ita if you just simply think outside the cardboard box.

4 Responses to “A Simple Tool To Perforate Cardboard and Create Clever Packaging and Art”

  1. kim ellery says:

    I am looking to purchase an Or-Ita tool. I can not find a supply source anywhere. Do you happen to know where I can purchase one?

  2. Ty says:

    I’m also looking for it too. You can find the rotary cutter by searching Olfa rotary cutter, im also looking for the 45mm blades. If you are looking for a perforating tool serach amazon. One is the EK Success Tools Cutterpede.

  3. Lisanne Jordan says:

    I’m am interested in buying one of these also. Does anyone know where we can purchase one?

  4. Christina says:

    Wow! Want to know more about this tool. And also where to buy.

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