22 Nov
Spirit of Ecstacy replica available for only $3,200

Chances are you won’t be buying a Rolls Royce anytime in the near future. Or who knows — maybe you will, who are we to set your ceiling on accomplishment? If I had the funds tho, I certainly wouldn’t be spending them on a Rolls — I’ve got my eye on a Bentley Supersport but that’s just me. But I digress. If you want to get your Rolls Royce on, but don’t have the $300K to get her done, the next best step is to drop a cool $3,200 to get your own Spirit of Ecstasy Rolls Royce hood ornament. Crafted by Priory Fine Arts, these bronze statues weigh 39 pounds, are 26 inches tall and can be plated in gold or silver. Of course if you’re cool spending three grand on a hood ornament, maybe you need to start considering wiser investments.

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