18 Nov
Internet overlord launches Boutiques.com

Yesterday internet goliath Google unveiled its Boutiques website – a new portal dedicated specifically for shopping fashion items. As the second largest sector of online shopping (after consumer electronics), it really was only a matter of time till our Internet Overlords dipped their toes into the market of soft goods. As the LA Times reports: “Partnering with retailers (who pay either per click-through or per completed purchase), the aim is to serve up potential clothing purchases the same way Pandora suggests music you might enjoy based on your musical preferences. The first step requires users to either create their own shopping profile by taking a visual quiz (“Which outfit is more your style?”) and answering a list of preferences (including likes and dislikes that include choosing designers, colors, patterns and silhouettes), or to choose from among existing profiles by a laundry list of fashion tastemakers that includes celebrities (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, Diane Kruger), fashion designers (Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Derek Lam), fashion editors and style bloggers.” The trick of Boutiques is not simply to help you find the things you want, however, but also to help you “bump” into things you didn’t even think about, but would love to own. A team of hundreds of stylists and fashionistas collaborated to lump items together, and search tags trending high (such as” floral” o”r military”) will work their way into the virtual shopping experience. While it’s kind of a nice touch to eschew the high priced stylists to dress you, it does seem a little bit dubious to rely on Google’s highly refined algorithms to decide what you should look like. Give it a whirl, see if their idea of style has hit its target…

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