12 Nov
The dark master of design puts his touch on Atelier Morpheus' Swiss watch technology

Renowned Swiss artist and sculptor H.R. Giger, perhaps best known for designing the aliens in the film Alien, has come out with this new collection of wristwatches. Fitting the Swiss artist would design a watch for Swiss watchmaker Atelier Morpheus, of which several styles will be made. This black PVD model (above) — featuring a fully blacked out steel casing, yellow and black dial, soft calf leather strap and a large “Giger” text engraved on the side — will be limited to just 50 pieces, at a cost of $2,995. Other models, such as an 18K gold plated version, will also be released, with no more than 175 pieces produced of any of the limited edition timepieces. Although not nearly as dark or emotive as one would expect from the legendarily twisted mind of H. R. Giger, it kind of reminds me a bit of a steampunk influence since Giger decides to embed classic dial hands on such a mechanical looking device.

via ablogtoread

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