1 Nov
...luckily this site will help you find it

Man, you know how sometimes you stumble across a website and think, “Holy crap! This site was built for me!” That’s exactly how I felt when I ran into I Cant Find My Phone. As a man who consistently “hides” his iPhone from himself — you know, just to make a slow day more interesting — this site is a boon and a blessing. It’s pretty self-explanatory: hide your phone somewhere in your house, forget where you put it, go to the site, input your number, and the site will call you, helping you track it down from its incessant ringing and/or buzzing. I believe I’ve found a new bookmark.

One Response to “I Can’t Find My Phone!”

  1. ra says:

    Your post is very good, most of the time when I visit blogs they are complete crap and the articles are written purely for search engine traffic.

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