4 Nov
Fold it, flip it, rub it down

If you’re looking for an iPad case, well, you can find one just about anywhere. The moment the Must Have Gadget of the year came out everyone jumped on the iPad case bandwagon, and began churning out everything from stylish leather cases to plain functional covers to protect their precious Pads. But Incase has just come out with something that surely has not been seen yet in the ocean of cases: The Origami iPad Sleeve. Pretty self explanatory…kinda. Well the Sleeve, once its done protecting your iPad from ubiquitous danger, can be folded in various ways to hold your screen upright for easy readability. Inspired by the esteemedJapanese paper folding technique, Incase’s Origami Sleeve is a creative way to lug around and use your iPad. Sure it can’t be folded up into a Dress or a Lampshade, but for only $35 who’s complaining?

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