29 Nov
Just in case you missed out on the H&M collaboration

A beautiful grey wool-cashmere blend coat from Lanvin. Sure their collabo with H&M had the blogs abuzzing, but did anyone actually get their hands on any items? From what I heard, two minutes after 8 am all the inventory had been scooped up in massive piles by a couple folks and is now making eBay vendors very very rich. That blows. They were supposed to have a 2-item limit at the stores, but as far as I know not one store honored this policy. Which kind of sucks, because that’s the only time 90% of America will be able to afford some Lanvin clothing. Or you can throw down $1,133 at Farfetch and pick up this beautiful hooded cashmere/wool coat, which features a concealed zip fastening down the front and zipped pockets at the sides. If you’re gonna make someone rich, go straight to the source and avoid lining the pockets of eBay parasites.

A couple more detail shots of the after the Jump…

via Selectism

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