Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural has unveiled a limited edition motorcycle for US shores. We’ve covered the Ural sT before, but this new bike comes with many extra features…at double the pricetag. Named after the World’s largest northernmost forest frontier, the Great Taiga forests in Siberia, the Limited Edition Ural “Taiga” 2WD is loaded with off-road accessories and tools to survive the most remote and treacherous conditions. Besides a large protective windshield and sturdy sidecar, the motorcycle comes complete with a fluid canister, first aid survival kit, shovel, engine skid plate, an auxiliary spotlight and even a winch. In addition the trunk houses an air pump, Maglite flashlight, tool kit and tow strap. Only 27 Ural Taiga models will be imported to the US for $13,999 — find your nearest Ural dealer and put down a payment on adventure.

via BikeEXIF

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