23 Nov
The Steve Jobs action figure, for the nerd who has it all

For the Mac and Apple fiend who has it all, but needs more junk in their life, may we present you with the Steve Jobs Action Figure. While “action figure” may be a bit of a stretch (does he have 58 points of articulation? exaggerated muscle tone or breasts? any blasters or missile projectors?), this glorified bobblehead comes complete with signature black turtleneck and Levi’s jeans, removable rimless spectacles, detailed New Balance 991 sneakers and, of course, a miniature…iPhone. iPhone? What is this, 2009? Where’s the iPad, dammit, where’s the iPad?! At least he comes with attachable “thought bubbles” on which you can scribble anything you want, finally allowing you to read the words you’ve always wanted to hear come out of Jobs’ mouth. Things like, “Sure, we’ll offer insurance for your iPhone”, “DRM is fucking lame”, “It’s all true, Bill Gates and I did pull double handies one drunken night in the back of Larry Ellison’s yacht”, or maybe just a simple “I’m sorry.” Trust me, you’ll never hear any of the above come out of his mouth, so now’s your chance — get your very own Steve Jobs for only $80 and let the words of contrition flow free…

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