9 Nov
The ever so creepy sculptures of Jessica Harrison

Creepy and beautiful sculptures modeled after vintage porcelain statues akin to those you might find in grandma’s glass cabinet, except with a most macabre twist. These mutilated ladies have suffered quite the wounding, some with decapitated heads, slit necks, exposed brains, spilled entrails and even plucking out their own eyes. Ouch. Created by British artist Jessica Harrison — who earned a Masters degree in fine sculptures at Edinburgh College of Art — the ceramic figures cleverly juxtapose mundane living room ornamentation with bloody ghoulish humor, creating an interesting conversation for viewers. Check out her website here, and try not getting too nauseous…

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  1. […] Harrison, a sculptor out of Scotland, has done another series involving the re-invention of the classic porcelain doll. But rather than blood and guts, this time it’s exquisitely rendered tattoos. Yes, perhaps […]

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