23 Nov
Thanks to all from Lost In a Supermarket

As you know last week Lost In a Supermarket sponsored the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Tour when the traveling roadshow hit Los Angeles last week, and it was madness — the line went all the way down Vine and spilled onto Hollywood Blvd. There were so many people trying to get in that the fire marshal was called into duty, and his totalitarian fist ended up making the party even more exclusive by tightening the door for a solid hour. While this sucks for those that didn’t get in, for those that got there early or waited till the swarm settled got a treated to one of the better invite-only parties in LA in weeks. Audi, Nissan and Gumpert all contributed vehicles (R8 Spyder, GT-R, Apollo), as did CEC Wheels who supplied LA Laker Andrew Bynum’s Porsche Turbo and owner Claus’ own beautiful Mercedes Benz SLS. Then there was the music, courtesy of Peanutbutter Wolf, Mayer Hawthorne, Chiddy Bang, Skeet Skeet and Adam 12, who managed to not allow a sleepy moment all night. And best of all a real open bar, with plenty of bartenders and actual pours — not your typical LA open bar with half hour lines to find one girl dispensing a splash of liquor and watered down Sprite. Nice job EA and Kingsize. And while a bunch of celebs showed up, the only one we care about is the Most Interesting Man in the World, because dammit he showed up at our party. I was trying to convince him to climb the scaffold to feed a fake eagle’s nest we put up there, but he was having none of it. I guess when you’re that interesting, you don’t have to heed the tipsy requests of party sponsors. Stay thirsty, my friends, and we’ll do our best to keep you slaked…

One gallery of pics below, and one additional gallery of LIAS’ Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Tour Los Angeles after the Jump…

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