4 Nov
Vintage-looking motorcycle gear

The Japanese label Neighborhood technical apparel has joined forces with vintage experts Bunkerstud to release these two denim vests, along with a few other pieces including hoodies and t-shirts. Made of vintage denim with brass buttons, the vests are decorated with various motorcycle badges and detailing — a nostalgic piece vibing the motorcyclist look trending sharply recently. Designers often try to replicate leather jackets and authentic pieces that people decorate throughout the years with patches and buttons collected via years of hard riding, and it’s often a corny mess. But in this case Bunkerstud and Neighborhood did justice to some very hard to replicate pieces. Available through both the Neighborhood and Bunkerstud website for $470 each.

One Response to “Neighborhood vs. Bunkerstud Denim Vests”

  1. holocaust says:

    These disgust me. The vest to the right features a patch that is a direct rip off of the logo for the Heathens motorcycle club (with the swastika removed.) I am a member of a motorcycle club (not Heathens); and I doubt I would be able to prevent myself from lashing out with actual hate driven physical violence if I were to see ANYONE wearing this. The type of people who made these two vests are urinating on the feet and graves of men who with sweat, blood and anguish fought for the right to wear their club patches.

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