5 Nov
A Tale of Two Cities...in illustration format

One print, two cities: the duel begins between Paris and New York. Eiffel Tower vs. Empire State Building. Croissant vs. Street Dog. Pedro Winter vs. Drop the Lime. Dog crap on the sidewalk vs. urine on the sidewalk. Hairy, Smelly Hipster vs. Hairy, Smelly Hipster. You get the drill. Graphic designer Vahram Muratyan has started a project to tally up scores on which city would win the fight on cultural supremacy, the everlasting debate which we’ll never have an answer to. But Muratyan has come up with a whimsical way to compare and contrast what each city has to offer, frequently posting new designs on his aptly named Paris versus New York blog — humorously illustrating how the City of Lights and the Big Apple differ in food, iconic directors and characters, coffee, transportation and architecture. We may never tally up enough scores to finally come up with a winner in this fight, but for now the comparisons Muratyan designs are entertaining enough.

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