4 Nov
The latest in Faggotron's Disney revisioning, "Wishery"

Even if you haven’t heard of Pogo by name yet, chances are you’ve seen some of his creations — his remixes of Alice In Wonderland and UP! have made the ubiquitous internet rounds. The Australian producer, also known by his YouTube alias Fagottron, has managed to bring our childhood memories back to life while gaining much-deserved credibility amongst IDM/electronic/trip hop advocates who recognize his virtuosic film-sampled mixes. Known mostly for his re-work of Disney movies, Pogo swears that 90% of the sounds in his mixes come from the movies themselves, adding only bass and drum in the background. But the creativity behind how he chops and re-edits together these samples is nothing short of amazing, cleverly sequencing the song to actual clips from the source films. Fagottron’s most popular mix from Alice In Wonderland has over 4 million views, and his newest creation, “Wishery”, uses Walt’s original classic princess Snow White. The echoes of her singing voice combined with the dwarfs chiseling away at stones — all combined with Pogo’s original beat — make for a perfect sound. This is a must see along with all of his other mixes of nostalgic childhood movies.

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