4 Nov
Adrian Johnson's ingenious upcycled furniture

Here one man’s trash is truly another mans treasure. After trying to come up with a creative way to find seating for a close friend’s wedding, Adrian Johnson merged two found treasures into one luxurious couch. Roaming the dump for something to inspire him, Johnson came across a a vintage BMW two-door coupe which happened to have a perfectly intact cherry red leather backseat inside. But he was only halfway done — what better way to invent recycled furniture pieces than to merge it with another dumped household item? After finding that the backseat fit perfectly within a vintage refrigerator, voila — the Fridgecouch was born! These upcycled refrigerator couches currently come in three different designs with various color, couch and refrigerator combinations. One even comes with a built in speaker set. Damn sweet. True innovation shows through these recycled refrigerator doors.

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