29 Nov
Manufacture Royale’s accordion-like tourbillon timepiece

If you appreciate fine tourbillon watches, and you’ve got $1.2 million burning a hole in your pocket, may we suggest Manufacture Royale’s Opera watch. Only 12 of these horological masterpieces will be made by the French watchmaker, which is built of multi-toned brass in its 319 pieces and a strap made of Mississippi alligator skin. The tourbillon features a unique, brand new movement that is manually wound with a minute repeater that plays the hours in the key of A, and the minute in C sharp. But what really makes the Opera watch singular is its “bellowing” accordion-like casing (below), which is built like a resonance chamber in order to give its minute repeater tones more volume. Its 50mm wide case is constructed of 18k rose and gray gold, and the package comes rounded out in a veneered wooden box made to look like the Bastille Opera House in Paris. Is that enough to justify its $1,200,000 pricetag? Its 9-page press release certainly would argue so.

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