9 Nov
Single malt Speyside scotch with a touch of Islay

If you read LIAS with any regularity you’ll know we’re kind of fanatics of The Balvenie single malt scotch. The Speyside distillery just makes some delicious affordable scotch, and their various special editions are equally exceptional (such as their Madeira Cask, 40 Year Old Single Malt Scotch and whatever wonderfulness resides in their Ambassador Case). The Balvenie’s latest limited edition expression is a 17-year old single malt that is finished off in a peated Islay cask (similar to their previous, highly coveted Islay Cask limited edition), which emulates the heavy peat taste of scotches from Islay. The casks for The Balvenie Peated Cask previously held an unreleased experimental heavily-peated Balvenie. “In the crafting of The Balvenie Peated Cask, we wanted to explore the impact of peat and new American oak upon The Balvenie single malt,” explains Balvenie master distiller David Stewart. “What we have created is a wonderfully complex and unique whisky which is layered with spice and smoke whilst retaining the characteristic honeyed sweetness inherent to The Balvenie.” Pick it up for $108.

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