The infamous Marshall has been for years now building their reputation for constructing the most reliable, best sounding amps in the world of music. Their tube-bestowed raw gain — not to mention signature script font — can be spotted on stages from miles away. But now they aim for new levels, bringing Marshall Headphones to us music lovers. The same quality sound and style from their speakers cabinets can now be found right on top of your ears. With the same attention to detail, these headphones are sure to blow most out of the water. Leather cushion, fine stitching, signature font on each ear, and head bands made of the very same vinyl used for their amps. There are two styles available, the Major and Minor. Major being a traditional oversized headset. And Minor, which has already sold out, is a ear bud model. Perfectly molding to your inner ear, with control and microphone included so you can use it with your phone — a much better choice over most corny Bluetooth devices. And for $100 dollars for the Major, the price ain’t bad for such a luxurious ear set. Or if you are in the hopes of them re-stocking the Minor style, the price for those would be $55.

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