5 Nov
'Vac from the Sea' by Electrolux

Obviously the plastic problem in the world’s oceans is an immense issue — that Texas-sized “floating island” of plastic in the middle of the Pacific is no myth. It’s a gigantic polyethylene polymer middle finger to Earth, and we just keep making more plastic — cos Gatorade Arctic Freez is so damn delicious! Electrolux is aiming to put a dent in this vast oceanic plague by creating a line of sustainable vacuums made from marine plastic debris. The plastic to manufacture their Vac from the Sea is collected from the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and from the Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas, and then up-cycled into the shells of the vacuums. Sure the amount of plastics recycled may only be a drop in the Pacific, but the green program at least helps encourage consumer awareness of wastefulness and recycling.

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