12 Nov
Undercurrents' solar-powered theatrical experience

The Sol Cinema is a project funded by the media arts charity Undercurrents, an experiment in new ways to appreciate film while still being eco-savvy. Created from a vintage 1960’s two-berth caravan and completely powered by the sun, he idea behind the non-profit theater was to create awareness of environmental issues. The Sol Cinema has a decidedly retro feel with ushers suited in traditional bell-hop attire, and boasts a wide library of comedies, romance, environmental films and other smaller educational documentaries. The smallest solar powered theater is an intimate experience, seating only 8 adults or 12 children. But don’t let its small size fool you: the tiny trailer is equipped with a LED projector, state of the art lithium batteries, and a friendly face to host your small party and serve you and your friends buckets of popcorn. They travel around the UK searching for parties, events, art festivals, or simply an empty station in your town for some time to show off your own documentaries and short films. Let’s just hope this great idea on wheels travels on ship, so we to can be part of this innovative idea. But if you do plan on going overseas, check out their website for information on where they will be next…

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