21 Dec
The ever clever CardSharp credit card-sized folding knife

What do you get the plane hijacking terrorist that has it all? A boxcutter necklace? Gunpowder Nikes? An “I’m With Obama!” tshirt? Not bad ideas, but a bit too obvious in these post-TSA groping days. A good place to start would be the CardSharp credit card-sized folding knife, a handy blade that you can fold up in 3 quick moves to credit card shape and hide in your wallet. Genius! Designed by Iain Sinclair, the stainless steel knife is only 2mm thick, weighs 13 grams and has a 65mm cutting edge (plus a short serrated edge on the back). Unfortunately your favorite terrorist will have to wait till after Christmas to bring down the infidels and attain eternal glory, as the CardSharp knife doesn’t ship till January at the earliest. Still if you can’t wait to bring some holiday cheer, pre-order it now for only $23 (£15).

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