2 Dec
To be or not to be a true bourbon?

Angel’s Envy is a new bourbon set to launch in January, distinct in that each year the Kentucky distillery will alter the recipe and aging to create a unique batch of whiskey. The 10/10 edition debuting in January 2011 was aged in oak, but finished in vintage and ruby Port barrels — a practice that technically disqualifies it from being a true “bourbon”…although that doesn’t stop them from labeling it as such. According to Angel’s Envy: “During maturation, a sizeable fraction of the aging whiskey evaporates from the barrels, escaping into the ether in a portion known as the Angel’s Share. The subtle manipulation of this ratio married with the finest ingredients spells the difference between a good and a great bourbon. After almost half a century continually pioneering this craft, experimenting with ambient temperature, oak quality and charring, Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson has nailed it, arriving at Angel’s Envy.” Pick it up for around $45 a bottle come the new year.

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