7 Dec
The classic boot in genuine Scottish wool

Blending two of our favorite things — the Clarks Weaver boot with premium Harris tweed — sneaker boutique atmos created these footwear beauties. Made from genuine Harris tweed wool — hand woven exclusively in the Outer Hebrides islands off the coast of Scotland — the fabric adds a classic touch to an already elegant and timeless boot. This edition of the Weaver boot also features a tan leather heel which adds a sharp contrast to the grey wool. Pick up the atmos x Clarks x Harris Tweed Weaver Boots at atmos and EPROZE for about $200 (¥16,800).

Another angle of the atmos x Clarks x Harris Tweed Weaver Boots’ contrasting heel after the Jump…

2 Responses to “Atmos x Clarks Harris Tweed Weaver Boots”

  1. Donald John MacKay says:

    We think they are great!

    You have produced a beautiful shoe. Much admired!

    We are delighted to see the result of our work.
    Maureen & D.J.Mackay, weaver.

  2. Lyddy says:

    Always the best content from these prodgiuios writers.

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