14 Dec
UK artist Ben Turnbull mixes childhood tropes with American violence

Raised and working out of London, artist Ben Turnbull has dedicated his creativity to childhood nostalgia, mixing iconic toys and figures with the dark truth of American violence. Some of his artwork consists of gumball machines filled with weapons, or comic book heroes holding the decapitated heads of dictators the American government has sacrificed lives to defeat (after they helped create, of course). His project, I Don’t Like Mondays, derives from the same concept of violence living amongst the innocence of our country’s future. Turnbull has taken desktops from old classrooms and whittled into them figures of guns, weapons and grenades. Looking as if a child carved it alongside their name, Turnbull explains the subject thus: “Force fed on violence, abused by a controlling superpower and blackmailed through patriotism, the public are ultimately as disposable as the toys they once played with.”

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