3 Dec
Low frequencies you can feel in your chest

The Immerz Kor-FX has taken entertainment to a new level, using technology to further enhance the user’s end experience. A small headphone-like device that rests comfortably on your shoulders, the Immerz Kor-FX uses an audio output to send low frequency vibrations into your chest, where you can actually feel the experience. Created mainly for gamers, it has given them in a way a “7th sense” — elevating the virtual experience into the visceral realm. Which would come as a great news to any video game addict, lending chest-numbing blasts to your Call of Duty death matches. But regardless of what you use it for, having the Immerz Kor-FX will give you a whole new experience by being able to actually feel the action on the screen or the bass line on that new Bassnectar BBC Radio 1 DJ Mix in your chest. They call it the “emotional surround sound” — a concept that may be hard to grasp; you may have to feel it to believe it. Available online for $190.

Hit the Jump to see the Immerz Kor-FX in use

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