14 Dec
Venturing where no surfers have gone before

Who doesn’t like a good surf movie, especially when it combines a healthy dose of the culture of the areas surfed? Isolated is such a film, and maybe more. Executive Produced Ryan Phillippe (he of MacGruber and Way Of the Gun fame) and Geoff Clark, and produced by Matt Meyerson, Isolated tracks a handful of pro surfers as they venture to Papua New Guinea to islands where no surfers have gone before. In the process of seeking out these untouched reef breaks the crew find epic empty surf, meet indigenous peoples, encounter cannibalism and even uncover governmental genocide — a discovery that earned Isolated an invite screening at the UN when the film is complete. Produced by Something Kreative Films and directed by Justin LePera, Isolated is set to debut next summer. We’ll keep you updated.

A gallery of exclusive pics taken from Isolated, plus trailer below…

ISOLATED – Documentary Film Trailer from SK Productions on Vimeo.

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  1. Mark Spurgin says:

    I surfed New Guinea last year and would love to watch Isolated but cant find it in video stores. Where or how can I buy it ?

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