9 Dec
When wood and bicycles make love

Are you looking for a bicycle that pushes the envelope in design? Then you may want to take a gander at the Renovo R4 Pursuit Hardwood Bicycle— a bike whose frame is constructed entirely of wood. The R4 is custom made for each of its owners, who can sort of decide the specific wood of choice for themselves… but then again, Renovo says, “don’t obsess over the wood selection, let us help with that.” Hmmm…that sounds a bit dubious. So do you decide Renovo, or does the buyer? Regardless, the unique wood grain and color cannot be replicated, ensuring each bike creates an individual look and style for each owner. But if you need more than just a headturning frame, the rest of the bike features aluminum dropouts, derailleur hanger, laminated top tube, steel head tube insert, aluminum seat tube insert, sealed internal cable routing, external cable guides and front derailleur pulley. Got that? In entirety it all comes together to create an elegant and lightweight frame. The R4 is beyond just a utilitarian bicycle — its beautiful color and stains are something hard to find in any possession, let alone a two-wheeler. Prices start at $2,950 for each of the Renovo R4 Pursuit bikes.

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  1. john says:

    To be clear, their bikes/wood aren’t stained…that’s natural color.

  2. really natural like wood,nice concept

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