1 Dec
Signal-blocking wrap let's you enjoy the art of conversation

Although once common courtesy to turn off your phone when spending quality time with a friend, it’s clearly not so common anymore. How often are you having lunch with someone nowadays when in the middle of a conversation they’ll just start casually flipping through their phone like you’re not there, suddenly half invested in the dialogue? Whether they’re skimming through Facebook, texting someone back, surfing the web or even worse just distractedly skipping through pages, it always seems to be just as important as their conversations with you. What kind of bullshit is that dude? If I’m really that boring, why are you having lunch with me? You should introduce these social dilettantes to the Phonekerchief. What does it do? Well let me tell you. Wrapping your phone within the Phonekerchief’s special silver fiber-woven fabric effectively blocks all incoming calls and texts, blocking the signal so you can totally commit to the people you’re actually in the company of. How novel is that? The Phonekerchief even comes embroidered with a polite message notifying the person you’re with that your phone is off for them…perhaps a subtle hint to let them know it would be appreciated if they did the same for you. A perfect gift for those iPhone addicts just in time for the holidays for $15.

The Phonekerchief in action after the Jump…

4 Responses to “Show Someone You Really Care With the Phonekerchief”

  1. ryan says:

    How about just shutting your phone off?

    Great idea except no signal will force your phone to be constantly searching for signal. Remove from hanky, what’s this? Dead battery? Wow this thing works great!

  2. eric says:

    OR if you have an iPhone 4, you can just put a finger on the antennagate-zone haha

  3. Corbin says:

    Eric: except most iPhones bought a month or so after launch don’t have the issue. iPhone 4 user here. Got mine in September and even trying to do the deathgrip, it doesn’t make my signal go away, I can still make calls, and browse the web with either 3G or wifi. Please don’t knock a phone with which you have no personal experience based on things you have read on the Internet.

  4. Trey Rollin says:

    Hey Corbin. How about you be less of a defensive fanboy and learn to take a joke. You’re one of the types that got bullied in grade school.

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