22 Dec
A coffee table collection of Jason Munn's silk screen prints

If you happen to be a avid fan of indie rock music, or have in anyway involved yourself in the scene, then you most likely have come across Jason Munn’s work. An artist formerly from Wisconsin but now settled in Oakland, California, Munn has made a name for himself amongst the indie music scene designing covers, t-shirts and mostly famously silk screen posters. Known for his simple design and muted color schemes, Munn’s posters have made their way across the country and across seas to collect a client list consisting of bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, Flight Of the Concords, Wilco and Beck. And that’s just the tippy top. His work with such indie groups have made him into a Nor Cal celebrity, with his prints now permanently part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art collection. Now you can enjoy his unique designs all compiled in one coffee table book, Small Stakes, which collects over 150 of his prints. If you buy the book you’ll most likely fall in love with his work and want to plaster your living room in these prints — find them at his poster shop for about $30 each.

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