7 Dec
Cappellini designs some furniture for Disney

Remember how we talked about the unavoidable oncoming marketing onslaught of TRON-licensed products, and how most of them would probably be pretty stupid? Is that where this TRON armchair fits in? “Somewhere between imagination and reality” is what Cappellini designs strive for, and that’s what they’re aiming for with this latest addition to their family. Designed by Dror Benshetrit and inspired by the much ballyhooed film of the year, Disney’s very own TRON: Legacy, the chair’s design reflects the landscape of the Outlands terrain in the film. Its futuristic look match that of TRON’s digital world, with each chair hand-finished so that no two look identical. The TRON armchair will be first viewed this week during Design Miami 2010, then will be held for display Cappellini/Poltrona Frau showroom in Miami. If you just can’t imagine your life without one, they will be mass produced — a 100% recycled moto-plastic version will be made available next year.

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