New watchmaker ZIIIRO have just launched their two minimalist wristwatches for pre-order. The two timepieces share the same time-telling design, based upon a hands-less face that tells time via two spinning wheels. “The concept of the first ZIIIRO Watch is a clock face without hands or markings, but a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time,” explains ZIIIRO. “The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design.” The Gravity incorporates a flexible silicone and metal band, for which the watch can be removed and swapped around for 6 other colored bands. The second is the slightly more expensive Mercury which features a permanently attached 24mm stainless steel mesh band. ZIIIRO’s Gravity sells for between $130-140 (100€ -108€), while the Mercury goes for $175 (134€).

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