12 Jan
Breaking up with Los Angeles in style

Ah the Pacific Ocean, the sunshine, the beautiful people. What’s not to like about Los Angeles? Well, let’s see… smog, mudslides, earthquakes, traffic and the beautiful people I guess. Still, I’ve lived in beloved cities like New York and San Francisco and despite its faults, I gotta admit Los Angeles possesses its own unique charms. So just as I’m grappling with my own “should I stay or should I go” dilemma as far is staying in L.A., I found out about artist and graphic designer Jon Jackson’s recent Adios LA project, which is Jackson’s visual goodbye to the city of angels.

Jackson recently headed east to NYC for work after living in L.A. for many a year, and as a kind of artistic sayonara to the city he’s left breakup notes on several billboards around the city, saying breakup-y things we’ve all either said or heard (or both) like, “It’s not you, it’s me” and “I love you I’m just not in love with you” (ouch). It’s fun to spot his billboards perched among ads for the next 3D debacle or the latest ABC Family extravaganza. Who needs to watch the road – check out Adios LA for the locations of the billboards, which are only set to stay up for a few more days, until January 15. As Jackson himself said, “I don’t think as many people seek out art (as in NYC) but when they find it in LA they feel a bit more rewarded.” Do yourself a favor and seek it out. It might make you like Los Angeles just a little bit more.

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