6 Jan
Russell James captures nude models lying around Richard Branson's exotic island for charity...just kidding, it's for kicks

So apparently Richard Branson — you know, that Virgin billionaire that’s super cool because he jumps out of airplanes and circumnavigates the globe in a balloon — owns this ridiculous British Virgin Island where he has these crazy orgies and week-long bacchanalian parties. Called Necker Island, it’s basically the kind of paradise you’d think billionaires would own, but kind of hope don’t because life just isn’t fair. Well he does. And they do. Because it’s not. And needless to say, supermodels stream in and out of this island like hobos out of a cheap liquor store, as do world class photographers. In a stroke of genius, one such photographer (Russell James) decided to start photographing said models (Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,  Nicole Trunfio, Gracie Carvalho, Candice Swanepoel, Emanuela de Paula, Jarah Mariano, Erin Wasson and Brooklyn Decker (above on the cover)) naked at the island because…well, just because. Now they’ve collected the images and put them all together in a beautiful hardcover monograph titled simply V2, and they’re doing it all for charity. Nah, just kidding — they’re doing it for kicks. That would be funny tho, right? Published by teNeues, Russell’s ostensible theme was to collate all the next supermodels in the waiting, but I’m thinking that that was just a really excellent excuse to invite girls like Swanepoel and Decker to lie around the island naked while James — famed for his work shooting Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue spreads and Victoria’s Secret ads — photographed them. And who can blame them? Some would call them geniuses, I’d stop at heroes. You can buy the book for $41 and support these kings among men.

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