25 Jan
Beer: A Genuine Collection Of Cans coffee table book

There are books filled with generations of labels and packaging styles, but there has yet to be a book that covers the evolution of the drink that unites people around the world: beer. As Homer once said, “Beer: the cause of — and solution to — all of life’s problems.” Indeed Homer, indeed. Little do people realize that the cans that contain the refreshing beverage have themselves transformed over the years, changing not only the style of labels and graphic design but their actual shape and structure. The collection photographed in the book Beer: A Genuine Collection Of Cans belongs to a man by the name of John Russo. A beer can enthusiast, some might call him — or perhaps just a hoarder — has been collecting beer cans since before he could be left home alone. The summer before 5th grade is what started it all; Russo began his collection around his neighborhood, then involved his father by asking him to return from business trips around the world with unique cans. Now the collection consists of over 1,400 cans, and Chronicle Books photographed 500 of the favorites to publish a book that would sit quite nicely atop of any beer aficionado’s coffee table. Dwell had a peek of what this book has to offer, or you can purchase your own for only $20 on the Chronicle Books website.

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  1. keyboard troll says:

    simpsons nerd here. It was alcohol that homer identifies as the cause of and solution to… not beer specifically. But cheers to that; it’s an immortal line. Another quote that would have worked is: “I would kill everyone in this room for just a drop of sweet sweet beer.”

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