14 Jan
The renown street artist reminds us all why we should care about his art in the first place

UPDATE: We found a trailer highlighting some of the work found on the BLU 2010 DVD so we’re embedding it below and reposting. Enjoy!

Unfortunately generating buzz for all the wrong reasons the last couple weeks, what with the infamous MOCA mural whitewashing, BLU releases a DVD to remind us all why we should care in the first place. The renowned Italian street artist has collected all his videos made in the last 10 years into one DVD — including wall painted animations, time-lapse documentation of many murals, other hand drawn animations and over 40 minutes of extra content. Finally you can enjoy his epic MUTO animation and Big Bang Big Boom pieces in proper format, on a nice large screen TV instead of just streaming through your browser. The first hundred of the DVDs were signed, but those have all sold out. Pick up your copy for about $38 (€30).

The trailer for Blu 2010 DVD below, plus the monumental Big Bang Big Boom video — which if you have not yet seen is a MUST — after the Jump…

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

via Arrested Motion

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