19 Jan
Islay distillery creates the most highly peated whisky ever made

Islay distillery Bruichladdich has been doing a nice job of releasing distinct expressions with various qualities of note. Their Organic 2003 was the first certified “organic” single malt scotch, and their Peat expression emphasized their scotch’s peaty flavor. Now their Octomore 2nd Edition takes that former scotch and kicks the peatiness quotient into the stratosphere, posting a whopping 140ppm rating — 3 times more peaty than any other mainstream whisky, and making it the most highly peated whisky of all time. For some this might be a good thing, or even a great thing, but if you’re no peat enthusiast this might be overdoing it a bit much. Still, Bruichladdich Octomore 2nd Edition is a highly coveted whisky and is not to be toyed with at 125 proof. The Octomore has been distilled each year since 2002 and is aged 5 years, with each of its matte black bottles numbered on the label. Pick up a bottle for $130.

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