5 Jan
TF Est. 1968 Tourbillon Cufflink

Do you ever look down at your watch and realize it’s not enough? There simply aren’t sufficient options to enjoy Swiss watchmaking movement. The cell phone may have made the watch obsolete from a utility standpoint, but the craftsmanship of a well made watch will never go out of style. Hoping to bite from that stylistic property are TF Est. 1968’s Tourbillon cufflinks, horology inspired accessories handmade in Geneva. Crafted of either brushed or polished stainless steel, with silver or black carbon backing, each cufflink is shock resistant and air and water tight. There’s also yellow or rose gold plating available, and if you really want to get ostentatious you can encrust your Tourbillon cufflinks with 72 diamonds. A great accessory to look both prepared and pretentious. Prices range from $390-$1,950 for the diamond edition.

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