20 Jan
A lost film gets a second chance

I don’t geek out too often, but when I do it’s like July 4th, Halloween and New Years in my soul. Before I saw the disaster that was the new Clash of the Titans I freaked (the original holds a special place in my heart), the trailer for the upcoming movie Hannah has me dancing with myself, and sushi from this place 15 East in Manhattan gets me all googly-eyed. But it takes a lot to truly make me fly my freaky geek flag. So when I read that always forward-thinking Oscilloscope plans to re-release Marc Singer’s 2000 documentary Dark Days, I did a little jig. I mean, they’re a cool company anyway, but this seals the deal in my opinion.

I first saw Dark Days back in 2001 (after its Sundance debut) when it played in the San Francisco Bay Area and fell hard for this beautifully shot B&W look at people living in underground tunnels beneath NYC’s streets. Singer went down and lived with them for a while, and from what I remember him saying back then he had been a male model and had never made a film before this. From his apartment window one day he saw some people disappearing underneath the streets and got intrigued. He made a moving film that’s a great mix of atmosphere and raw human behavior. DJ Shadow’s soundtrack adds to the overall feel. I’ve waited a long, long time for Singer to make another film (which I don’t think he has) and have been wondering why this dude hasn’t picked up a camera again. In any case I’m crazy excited that a whole new audience gets to experience Dark Days. It’ll be released theatrically in NYC this summer and (finally) on DVD for the rest of us. Stay tuned…

Dark Days trailer below…

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