As far as innovative yet elegant materials to use for accessories, carbon fiber has to rank among the top (I have a personal soft spot for titanium as well). Venerable UK luxury label Dunhill obviously understands this, as they have created a very high tech wallet whose innovation goes far beyond the material used. Besides its gorgeous look and carbon fiber-credited toughness, the wallet is equipped with the latest biometric technology — a fingerprint sensor that only allows the owner to open the wallet. Install the software, and connect your wallet via USB cable to your PC and register a total of 10 fingerprints. How cool, and utterly frustrating for any would-be thief. The wallet is also equipped with a Bluetooth connection — but with a 3 week limit, the battery life leaves a bit to be desired. Pick up the Dunhill Carbon Fiber Biometric Wallet for a whopping $14,000 (¥115,500) at honeyee. Hey, no one said living like James Bond was a poor man’s game.

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