20 Jan
When plush bears go Cosplay

For adult toy collectors and fans of Gloomy the Bear, the creator Mori Chack has put a new spin on this original character. A little bit of a background story for those of you who are not to familiar with Gloomy: he’s an abandoned bear left to fend for himself in the wild. But then along comes a young boy Pity who decides it’s his duty to take the poor destitute bear under his wing. But Chack wanted to make this story realistic — bears don’t like humans! So just like he would in real life Gloomy the Bear often attacks Pity, as it’s in his wild nature, resulting in bloody claws and gore dripping from his teeth. In the new series, Gloomy Cosplay, Mori has created a plush of Pity dressed in a Gloomy costume to better befriend the often violent bear. But Gloomy doesn’t fall for his tricks, so Pity once again is attacked and eaten. There’s just no hope for the little guy. A few others have been added of Gloomy disguised as a wolf, alien, ghost and vampire in full cosplay glory — perfect for the young kid/nephew/niece/cousin in your life. You can purchase the collection and other Gloomy merch on the artoyz website.

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