24 Jan
Incoqnito's Intimate Jewelry Collection

At first glance, I immediately wanted the Incoqnito necktie. I’ve always thought the androgynous look was sharp, sophisticated, and sexy. I guess I never realized how sexy it was, because the Incoqnito necktie is part of Incoqnito’s stylish new line of jewelry /sex toys. Good thing I didn’t put that on my Christmas wish list — moms wouldn’t have been too pleased. I had envisioned wearing my tie with my new blouse, but little did I know the necktie has an adjustable leash to take throttling control of your partner. Theoretically, you could “use” the tie on a good or bad date… The whole Incoqnito set includes pieces with double uses: a lash belt/whip, the “knife” necklace, handcuffs, a sensual razor, and my personal favorite, the “droplet” necklace — which also serves as nipple vibrators. The necktie is black and comes (that’s what she said — hey-o!) in a rose gold or silver base metal. Just a head’s up, it’s dry clean only… You can pick one up for $59.

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