I don’t know if you’ve been updated on LEGO minifigures, arguably the best LEGO development since the LEGO Crossbow Pistol. They consist of different series of figures, much like the other collectible vinyl toys found through Kidrobot, The Loyal Subjects, Coarse and now even Disney. Each character comes with his or her own story and background, such as this beloved Zombie above in Series One. Not to stereotype, but this zombie is known for its slow pace movement and lack of knowledge of what he should actually be doing. His signature phrase is “briiiiicks”, as his job consists of him piling LEGO bricks one by one to construct a wall. Slow-minded and entirely harmless, the only thing that motivates the little guy is the turkey leg he holds — not brains (that wouldn’t really fit the LEGO manifesto, would it?). Dangle it in front of him and he’ll reach to retain its possession. Take a look at some of the other characters found in the series: the Robot, Wrester and Magician are only a couple more to list off. Each comes with its own elaborate story that you can read about on the LEGO website.

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