Marrying two of life’s greatest pleasures, Scotch and Photography, esteemed Speyside distillery The Macallan has created the second in its Masters of Photography series. Following the very successful Rankin series, the Albert Watson Edition focuses on the work of the Scottish photographer, who embarked on a 12-day, 600-mile trek to capture the essence of crafting The Macallan’s fine single malt scotch. Following the journey of the Spanish oak barrels in which The Macallan is aged, Watson photographed from the forests of Northern Spain where the oaks grow, to the traditional cooperage in Jerez where the barrels are made, all the way to The Macallan Distillery in Speyside, Scotland where the barrels fulfill their raison d’être. Now a limited collection of 1,000 unique The Macallan Sherry Oak 20 year old bottles will be sold, each specially labeled and containing a set of 10 portfolio prints unique to the Albert Watson Edition. You can purchase them for $10,800 (£700) each. And if that’s not unique, extravagant or expensive enough, then you may be interested in an even rarer bottling — one of 36 individually customized bottles of The Macallan 1946 expression (chosen for the date Watson first met his wife), with a signed one-off collectible platinum print, available for $15,500 (£10,000). Leave it to The Macallan to marry the aesthetic beauty of photography with the gustatory and olfactory joy of single malt scotch. Now onto collecting that $15K…

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