10 Jan
A simpler approach to advertisement

Simplicity is a concept that has been underrated in past years, especially in the world of advertisement. The sense of need to fill packages with bright pictures and loud typefaces has been a design concept in products that fill our grocery store shelves since the Dawn of the Age of Mad Men. To counteract some of these garish packaging efforts, A259‘s newest project aims for a minimalist effect in the maxamalist market. What they’ve done is taken products internationally recognized for their labels and have eliminated elements to make the look of the products more simple, cleaner. They have pictured three versions side-by-side: the original, a slightly altered simple variation, and a drastically stripped down version of the product. Red Bull, Nutella and Pringles were only a few of well known products that were chosen for this project, resulting in some designs looking far more appealing with the non-existence of images and patterns.

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