27 Jan
Know what you're looking for without looking

Belgian designer Natalia Brilli has created a unique line of embossed cases. Made in France from soft black lamb leather, the sleek cases have a quirky twist: each one is embossed on the outside with the item it’s made to carry. The collection includes a sunglass pouch (shown above), a wallet with brail credit card numbers shown on the outside, a contact case with the containers practically breaking through the leather, a laptop case with a 3D keyboard showcased on the outside and a few more. And that’s just this particular collection — Natalia’s sophisticated designs also consist of leather necklace charms of house keys and whistles, and leather cuffs made to resemble a watch. Which from a distance you wouldn’t think twice about referencing for the time. But some of her other projects consists of objects covered in the lamb leather, giving them and edge and dark feel you normally wouldn’t see in things like a skateboard. Her line of embossed cases can be found on Por Vacacao, or peruse her website to see the extent of her creativity.

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