6 Jan
Edits by Edit design music project

The creative minds at Edit have come together for a project, Edits By Edit, that combines most graphic designer’s two passions: design and music. Each designer was asked to choose one genre of music and represent it graphically in print. The catch, you ask? Well each artist was limited to using only one element and one typeface, which would illustrate the genre of music they were attracted to. The trick was to be able to look at the print and identify the given genre, even in all its simplicity. The list of talented designers contributing to this project include Duane King, Hey Studio, Mark Boyce, Collective Approach, Trevor Jackson and many more. They were able to capture the essence of everything from Folk to Detroit Techno to Industrial to Twist and beyond. Check out all of their creations on the site, where you can purchase the limited edition prints for $75.

Some of our favorites below (especially Metal and Urban)…

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