6 Jan
Making the TSA's life a little bit easier

My favorite part of the whole packing and traveling process is when the TSA inspects my bag of personal belongings in front of a several hundred people. Why else would I pack my lucky pair of underwear if it weren’t for the world to see? Well, jokes on them! Paul Smith has come out with the ‘Interior Shot’ canvas bag. Your bag “contains” a pair of shoes, watch, camera, sunglasses, headphones, bowtie and black attire; all the essentials for the well heeled man on the go. The premium zip bag features black leather trim, loop handle, separate zip pocket lined in a deep purple, and wipe-to-clean outer material. To complete the set, a shoulder bag and messenger bag are also available (see gallery below). You can pick one up at Por Vocação for about $160 (€120).

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